High quality leather with a pronounced grain and matte finish.

Grampian Gp001 Black Grampian
Grampian Gp004 Imperial
Grampian Gp010 Maple
Grampian Gp018 Manilla
Grampian Gp019 Niagra
Grampian Gp031 Midnight
Grampian Gp037 Buffalo
Grampian Gp038 Madeira
Grampian Gp041 Doe
Grampian Gp042 Charcoal Grey
Grampian Gp064 Explore
Grampian Gp067 Pewter
Grampian Gp068 Admiralty Blue
Grampian Gp069 Alpaca
Grampian Gp076 Lightstone Beige
Grampian Gp077 Biscuit
Grampian Gp078 Racing Yellow
Grampian Gp099 Cocoa
Grampian Gp100 Taupe
Grampian Gp110 Rich
Grampian Gp111 Totem
Grampian Gp113 Lip
Grampian Gp118 Soft White
Grampian Gp119 Birch
Grampian Gp121 Burgundy
Grampian Gp122 Auburn
Grampian Gp126 Regal Blue
Grampian Gp127 Beechwood
Grampian Gp129 Highland Bark
Grampian Gp130 Peat
Grampian Gp131 Moss
Grampian Gp165 Lilac Moon
Grampian Gp166 Angora
Grampian Gp167 Bergamot
Grampian Gp168 Amethyst
Grampian Gp169 Teal
Grampian Gp170 Nightshade
Grampian Gp171 Tulip
Grampian Gp172 Egyptian Blue
Grampian Gp173 Celestial
Grampian Gp174 Cornflower
Grampian Gp175 Thyme
Grampian Gp176 Rosemary


1.2mm leather with a luxurious pebbled grain which is suitable for use in any high traffic environment. Flame proofed on request at no additional charge.