Batiflex Flooring by Gerflor


For more than 70 years, Gerflor® has been the leading manufacturer of PVC floor coverings in the commercial, sport, residential and transportation industries. Perfect for galleys, lavs and entryways, Gerflor® coverings are as durable as they are easy to maintain. All Gerflor® Batiflex products meet FAR 25-853 12-second vertical burn test requirements. Choose a product line to view swatches.


Gerflor’s Batiflex Sustainable Solutions

Gerflor’s products are made from safe and controlled raw materials. Gerflor’s uses no heavy metals, no solvent-based inks, no phtalates or carcinogens, no formaldehydes, no PCP, and no substance potentially subject to any REACH restrictions. (European Union regulation to prevent any sale of proven harmful raw materials). To support aircraft air quality they are all low emitting products, with low emissions: on average more than 70% lower than international standards.

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Healthy and sustainable materials

  • No heavy metals, no solvents, no formaldehyde
  • 100% Reach compliant

Environmental Footprint

  • Industrial sites certified ISO 14001 Environment
  • Eco-designed products : reduced environmental impact during all their life cycle