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Gerflor® has the largest collection of commercial, sport, transport and residential vinyl flooring products in the world. Their innovative flooring solutions are environmentally friendly, boldly designed and cost competitive. With 30 years of experience and innovation Gerflor® is recognized as a leading world producer of floor coverings for the aircraft industry.

Andrew Muirhead® Fine Scottish Leathers

Located in Glasgow, Scotland, Andrew Muirhead has been at the forefront of the leather industry since 1840. Today the company is acknowledged as the largest supplier of quality upholstery leathers to the airline industry, supplying more than 40 airline and aircraft manufacturers around the world. The company is also a key supplier in the specialist automotive and marine markets, as well as the more traditional furniture and design sectors.

Andrew Muirhead and Bridge of Weir, as part of the Scottish Leather Group, are well on their way toward implementing their sustainability plan leading to zero waste by the year 2015. Key to their efforts is a self-sustaining thermal energy plant, which turns solid waste into recycled energy, and their closed loop water system. All of which make for the production of Low Carbon Leather. Learn more about Low Carbon Leather.

Bridge of Weir

Bridge of Weir

Founded in 1905, Bridge of Weir Leather Company is a privately owned Scottish Company operating one of Europe’s largest leather production facilities. People and technology come together in a unique blend of craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing techniques. The result? The finest quality upholstery leather exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. Bridge of Weir’s primary focus is on the automotive and design industries, having developed a diverse range of leathers, spanning traditional and contemporary thinking.



Bloomsburg Carpet, located in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley, has always prided itself on manufacturing the highest quality, American made carpet.The Bloomsburg Carpet mill was founded in 1976 by Raymond P. Habib along with twelve experienced employees dedicated to maintaining the craft of sustainable residential and commercial carpet weaving.Today, over 38 years later, Bloomsburg Carpet Industries’ manufacturing integrity is maintained & strengthened by the leadership of Raymond’s son, Thomas Habib. Bloomsburg Carpet continues to grow and expand but their commitment to quality, luxurious, sustainable carpets remains strong as ever.