Environmental Story

Thinking Green

In partnering with manufacturers around the world, Douglass takes environmental concerns seriously. Thus, we go through a thorough vetting process. All of our major suppliers are proud to hold the ISO-14001 accreditation, the original and most exacting of a company’s environmental commitment. Our suppliers are leading their sectors in environmental innovation and stewardship. All of our products are also REACH compliant.

Low Carbon Leather

Low Carbon Leather

Andrew Muirhead and Bridge of Weir, as part of the Scottish Leather Group, have implemented their sustainability plan leading to zero waste. Key to their efforts is a self-sustaining thermal energy plant, which turns solid waste into recycled energy, and their closed loop water system. All of which make for the production of Low Carbon Leather. Learn more about Low Carbon Leather.

Gerflor’s Batiflex Sustainable Solutions

Gerflor’s products are made from safe and controlled raw materials. Gerflor’s uses no heavy metals, no solvent-based inks, no phtalates or carcinogens, no formaldehydes, no PCP, and no substance potentially subject to any REACH restrictions. (European Union regulation to prevent any sale of proven harmful raw materials). To support aircraft air quality they are all low emitting products, with low emissions: on average more than 70% lower than international standards.