Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How big are your hides?
A. Our hides average 50 square feet (sf) in area. As a natural product, some may be larger, and some smaller.
Q. How do I know how much to pay if the hides aren't a constant size?
A. Leather is generally ordered by the square foot (sf). Orders should be placed in multiples of 50 sf. Once we process the order and pull the individual hides from stock we invoice you for the exact square footage of leather that you will receive.
Q. Where are your hides from?
A. All of our hides are of Northern European origin, and are tanned and finished in Scotland at either Andrew Muirhead or Bridge of Weir companies. All hides travel less than 300 miles to the tannery, decreasing their carbon footprints.
Q. Can I order less than a full hide?
A. Yes, you may. Half-hide orders are possible if ordering from our Taransay or Sateen leather stocked here in the U.S. There is an additional charge of $0.95 per square foot for these orders. All other leathers must be ordered in increments of full hides.
Q. What is the difference between the leather you have in stock in Bellevue, Washington and the leather you keep in stock at the tannery?

A. Our Premier and Sateen lines are kept in stock in Bellevue, Washington. The other stock leathers are kept at the tannery’s UK distribution facility.

Q. What is the lead-time on your leather?
A. Subject to availability, hides kept in stock here at DIPI can generally ship out same-day depending on the time you place the order. Please allow 5 -7 working days for other stock leathers.
Q. Can I order leather in custom colors?
A. Yes, you absolutely can. Although we offer an unprecedented range of stock leathers, we always welcome the opportunity to match any color for a custom order. Please call us for details.
Q. Do you offer quantity discounts?

A. Price breaks start at 11 hides, 550 square feet. Please call if you have specific projects you’d like to discuss.

Q. I have older samples that I don't see on the website. Can I still get that leather?
A. Yes. Some colors may have been transitioned to other product lines. Others may be discontinued, but any color can still be produced. Please call us to check on lead-times and any possible minimums.
Q. I want to use your European stocked leather on my airplane. Is that possible?

A. We no longer post treat leather with flame retardant as it alters the hand of the hide.

Q. What type of finish process is used when making your leather?
Our leather is a semi aniline leather with a protective finish.


Q. What is the lead-time for custom wool carpets?
A. If colors are selected from stock yarns we can usually have a sample for approval ready in 1-2 weeks and production complete within another 3 weeks or so from sample approval. Please call for specifics.
Q. Can I order custom colors in nylon carpet?
A. Usually the minimum order quantity for custom nylon orders is 500 sy or often more. We do have access to some additional colors that we don’t sample and don’t have on our website right now, so if you have a color you’re looking for, please call and ask.
Q. What makes your AB-6453 and AB-3288 carpets different from the other nylon carpets you offer?
A. These carpets both pass FAR 25.853 12 second vertical burn test requirements for commercial aviation. The other AB/AC -series nylon carpets are suitable for most general aviation, automotive, and marine applications and are certified to FAR 25.853 Horizontal Burn test requirements.
Q. What is the minimum order size for stock carpets?
A. Wool carpet – .67 sy, which is 6′ x 1′. Nylon carpets – 2.67 sy, which is 12′ x 2′.
Q. How wide are your carpets?
A. Stock wool carpets (DEC-VX5726 and DEC-565) are 6′ wide. AB-3288 and AB-6453 nylon carpet is normally 12′ wide but please call if you need 6′ width and we can often accommodate. All other nylon carpets are 12′ wide always.
Q. Can I ship all carpets COD?
A. Not all. Even if you are set up with COD terms with us, we are unable to ship our nylon carpets COD.
Q. Which carpets are certified to FAR 25.853 12 second vertical burn test requirements?
A. All wool carpets and AB-3288 and AB-6453 nylon carpets.
Q. Which carpets are certified to FAR 25.853 Horizontal Burn test requirements?
A.  AC-7130, AC-7314, AC-7315, AB-7400, AB-7402.
Q. What is the lead-time for carpet?
A. Stock wool carpets (DEC-VX5726 and DEC-565) can usually ship within one day. Nylon carpets can take up to three business days to ship, but usually ship sooner.
Q. I have older samples that I don't see reflected on the website, can I still get these carpets?
A. Most older wool carpets can be ordered as custom carpet. Older nylons are usually not available, but have likely been replaced with something very similar. If you have a specific color in a nylon that you don’t see in our current samples please call and we’ll see if we can match it from other available colors.

Gerflor Batiflex Vinyl Flooring

Q. How wide is this flooring?
A. 59 inches, or 4.92 feet, or 1.5 meters.
Q. I need 3 linear yards of material, how many square feet is that?
A. There are 14.76 square feet per lineal yard, so you would need to order 45 SF.
Q. How big is a full roll?
A. Usually 484 SF. That is 33 linear yards by 59 inches wide.
Q. What is the lead-time for this material?
A. Orders of our stock material can be shipped out within one day of order. Factory stock items are available within approximately 7-10 business days, all FOB Bellevue, Washington. Please call regarding special orders.
Q. Is there a price break for larger orders?
A. Please contact us with specific quantities. Material held in stock at DIPI is usually the same price regardless of order size. There is normally a premium for less-than-full-roll orders of factory stock material that can be avoided by ordering full rolls.


Q. Are all of your fabrics suitable for aviation use?
A. Yes. All our fabrics are manufactured, tested, and certified to FAR 25.853 12 second vertical burn test requirements.
Q. How wide are your fabrics?
A. 54 inches wide.
Q. What is the minimum fabric order?
A. For stock fabrics one yard is the minimum order required.
Q. I have some DIPI samples from old that I don't see on the website — can I still get these?
A. Most discontinued fabrics are gone for good, but we may be able to source some items, or find suitable alternatives. Please call to ask.
Q. I see one of your fabrics listed under the "Crew Seating" category but want to use it for a passenger seat. Why do you differentiate?
A. We categorize our fabrics by what they are commonly used for, not to exclude them from any use that you may choose.

Columbia Faux Leather

Q. What is the difference between Columbia 2-Way and Columbia 4-Way stretch faux-leather material?
A. Our Columbia 4-Way DEF-GS has a multi directional stretch and is easier to work with for covering curved surfaces such as headliners, glare shields, and window surrounds. The Columbia 2-Way DEF-CD has a slightly heavier substance and has a two-directional stretch.
Q. Is 4-way stretch appropriate for seating use?
A. No. Although it has been used for seating, we recommend the Columbia DEF-CD 2-Way stretch as the appropriate material for seating due to its heavier substance and dimensional stability.
Q. How wide?
A. 54 inches.
Q. Custom colors?
A. We do have access to some additional colors that are not sampled or on the website, so please ask if there is a color you don’t see. Truly custom orders usually require a 300-linear yard order, but again, please ask if you have a custom project.


Q. What is the average size of a sheepskin hide?
A. Approximately 8 square feet, although as a natural product every hide varies in size and texture. Typically a skin will yield a panel size 18″x 36″.
Q. What is the size of your sheepskin panels (SSP)?
A. 24″ x 40″.
Q. The sample set I have has colors on it that don't match up to the samples on the website, are they discontinued?
A. Not necessarily. Over the years we have had some colors change names only. Although some colors are truly discontinued, please call to check.

Burn Tests/Certs

Q. Do you offer 8110 aircraft specific burn tests?
A. Yes. Price is $30 and there is a 2 week lead-time. We require the make, model, serial number and tail number of the aircraft.
Q. What sort of burn test will come with my shipment?
A. If the material is certified to an aviation standard it will ship with a test report from the individual dye lot.
Q. Can I get a Certificate of Conformance?
A. Yes, that is no problem at all, please just ask.

New Customers/Pricing/Payment

Q. How do I get wholesale pricing?
A. As a minimum we will need a copy of your business license. Depending on your state, we may need additional information — please ask.
Q. Can I apply for terms or COD?

A. If requested, we will send you an application for terms. We do not offer COD as an option.

Q. If I don't want terms, how should I pay?

A. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for credit card orders. Wire transfers are also accepted with a $30 transaction fee.


Q. How do I get samples?
A. Please call our office or fill out the form on this website.
Q. I need just a particular color sample, not the full book, is that possible?
A. Yes.
Q. I need a bigger sample piece for a color board, can I get that?
A. Yes, we are glad to help you get the job. Just give us a call.


Q. What is your cut-off time for shipping same-day?
A. Usually orders placed before noon Pacific time for items shipping from our stock in Bellevue, Washington can be shipped out same-day. Please let us know if something is particularly urgent.
Q. Can I come to your office to look at your products?
A. Yes! We always welcome walk-in customers and anyone that wants to take a look around and say Hi!
Q. I ordered too much material for my job, can I return it?
A. Any returned goods must get prior authorization and be uncut and unmarked. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee and will not be accepted after 30 days from invoice.