Our Team

Mike O’Toole


Worked at DIPI since: 2016

Original Hometown: Granbury, TX

Interesting fact: I am a certified Flight Instructor and hold my Multi-Engine Commercial Instrument Pilot Certifications.

Jessie Douglass

Chief Executive Officer

Worked at DIPI since: Birth

Original Hometown: Medina, WA

Interesting fact: Going to concerts is my favorite pastime.

Stacey Carr

Senior Account Manager

Worked at DIPI since: 2016

Original Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Interesting fact: I was named after a bar in Montana.

Debra Bartosh

Accounting Manager

Worked at DIPI since: 2005

Original Hometown: Clarksville, Florida

Interesting fact: Lived in Denver Colorado for 24 years before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2005.

Stephanie Fischer

Account Manager

Worked at DIPI since: 2018

Original Hometown: North Dakota

Interesting fact: I love to jazz up and reupholster old furniture.

Brodie Smith

National Sales Manager – Automotive

Worked at DIPI since: 2008

Original Hometown: Bossier City, LA

Interesting fact: I am a crazed LSU and New Orleans Saints football fan. I have the Saint’s bag at home to prove it.

Andre Brown

Warehouse Manager

Worked at DIPI since: 2005

Original Hometown: Seattle, WA

Interesting fact: I once thought I was married to Halle Berry… who turned the lights on?

Mark Roberts

Director of Products and Services

Worked at DIPI since: 1981

Original Hometown: Paisley, Scotland

Interesting fact: I am the 5th generation in my family to work in the leather business. I emigrated to the United States in 1979 and have had the pleasure of living in the beautiful Northwest and working for Douglass Interior Products.

Nick Roberts

Director of Marketing

Worked at DIPI since: 2017

Original Hometown: Seattle, WA

Interesting fact: I am the 6th generation of my family to work in the leather business. I have the privilege to learn from, and work alongside, my father here at DIPI.

Ring of Honor

Ron Douglass

Worked at DIPI since: 1850

Original Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

Interesting fact: I have survived and enjoyed the airplane interior business for 40+ years thanks to relationships with wonderful and amazing co-workers, suppliers, and most of all, our customers. Thank you.

John Hroncich

Worked at DIPI since: 1985

Original Hometown: Seattle, WA


Faye Week Douglass

Worked at DIPI since: Forever

Original Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA

Interesting fact: I still love this business after all these years.

James Cain

Worked at DIPI since: 2001

Original Hometown: Queens Village, NY

Interesting fact: Author of Kevin James and the Red Duck Mucsical Theater, the greatest western ever written.