Our softest leather in a premium selection hide. (FAR 25.853 flame proofing not available. Custom orders can be FR treated upon request.)

Caledonian Sx001 Vanilla
Caledonian Sx004 Silk
Caledonian Sx005 Oatmeal
Caledonian Sx006 Oyster
Caledonian Sx007 Savannah
Caledonian Sx008 Mink
Caledonian Sx009 Cashmere
Caledonian Sx010 Sahara
Caledonian Sx011 Fawn
Caledonian Sx012 Pillary Box
Caledonian Sx014 Cranberry
Caledonian Sx015 Virginia
Caledonian Sx016 Harvest
Caledonian Sx017 Leaf
Caledonian Sx018 Parrot
Caledonian Sx019 Sage
Caledonian Sx020 Riviera
Caledonian Sx021 Burnt Plum
Caledonian Sx022 Chocolate
Caledonian Sx023 Mocha
Caledonian Sx024 Chestnut
Caledonian Sx025 Fastnet
Caledonian Sx026 Silver Pearl
Caledonian Sx027 Black
Caledonian Sx028 Burnt Orange
Caledonian Sx031 Bottle Green
Caledonian Sx032 Aqua
Caledonian Sx033 Sky High
Caledonian Sx034 Shadow
Caledonian Sx625 Purple
Caledonian Sx686 Cadet Grey
Caledonian Sx687 Pomelo
Caledonian Sx688 Cloud
Caledonian Sx689 Laurel
Caledonian Sx690 Horizon


1.0mm luxury leather with a matte finish and a haircell grain suitable for all domestic and contract upholstery applications. (FAR 25.853 flame proofing not available as part of stock line. Custom orders can be FR treated upon request.)